Too Tall X Diemention – That Ma Bro

Diemention a.k.a DM started his career in montreal. East coast 2007. Recording his debut album gangsta’s SOUTHSIDE. Began doing small venues in shows around the city Center when finally in 2011 he joined RockCivilz group and they toured Québec. Doing 36 shows in a year around the province. Releasing major single _ b.o.u.n.c.e with rockcivilz which peaked at 950 000 views on youtube. Diemention was the official songwritter for the group as well as one of the vocalists. The group was then signed to miamilicious in Miami in 2013.  Releasing couple of single here and there before falling out leading diemention to pursue his career on the westcoast and meet new allies Too Tall and N- essy productions with which theh founded bandzcity inc. A fresh new wave coming from vancouver and ready to takeover the northwest scene






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