Dallaz Turner – Holla Back

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A star was born in St. Louis, MO on January 1st, 1990. Just 10 years later, Dallaz Turner was just an ordinary kid who realized his love for music. It all started in 2000, when Dallaz sang a Pretty Willie song to his family, and to his surprise – they were amazed! It’s been him, Music & God ever since!

Dallaz Turner was originally inspired by watching music videos of BigBoi & Andre3000. That original inspiration has a huge influence in the music Dallaz does today! Later, he began being inspired by many artists, such as: Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Drake & Big Sean. The creativity he saw in each of these artists very much inspired the style that is now Dallaz Turner.

Outside of music, Dallaz loves American Football. His favorite teams are the Patriots and the Packers. He also enjoys traveling, exploring the world and learning new things. Amongst all this, he enjoys working with children, and teaching them that they can achieve anything – they are the next generation!

Dallaz Turner will be the difference maker in the music industry. He wants to change the game for the better. What he loves most about music, is the feeling he gets when people like his music. His motivation grows when he sees people’s reactions to his music and how it makes them feel. He wants to be as influential to the world as Michael Jackson was.

Dallaz has some very simple goals for his career and for his life. He wants to inspire people and change the way they hear music. He plans to give back later in life by donating to cancer patients & research, as well as building his dad his dream house. Dallaz Turner just strives to be better, learn more and work harder everyday. All he wants to do with his life is inspire, motivate and bless people with his voice. Watch out world – Dallaz Turner will soon be a name everyone knows.

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