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Jason Ingersoll ( M.C. I.) and Joe Bargman (Joe Schmo) are a team of producers that make up E.D.P. Jay has been a guitarist in different bands playing shows across the mid-west for the better part of 15 years. Jay has been making beats, rapping , and recording for just as long, but over the last few years started really developing his craft in that area. Jay and Joe linked up after working together on Joe Schmo’s 420 volume 2. Joe has years of experience making beats and had extended his mixing knowledge to produce top quality beats. With Jay’s ability to play every instrument, Jay knows what it takes to write and record songs with the highest quality. Together The duo can cover any music need. E.D.P. is more then just a guy sitting on a computer making music, E.D.P. are musicians that understand the complexity of each instrument, where it fits, and what it needs to do for the song and the artist.

Weird Beats

Hi, I’m Weird.
I’m a music producer, I started making music in 2008 as guitarist.
I went to MA2000, a modern music academy in Bologna, here I’ve learned the music theory, how to mix and master and how to produce my own music.
In 2015 I’ve opened my own recording studio, I work with different artists.. singer, rapper and musician.
I love all kind of music and I produce different kind of beats.
I also offer mix and mastering service and collaboration with my artists (For example, if you need an hook I have some dope singer that can sing it for you!)
For any info or If you want to know more about me and my music write me an e-mail: info@weirdbeats.comVisit my Website to listen to my beats and know more about my music services: www.weirdbeats.comFollow me on Instagram: me on Facebook: me on Twitter:
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Music Producer – Beat Maker – Mix&Mastering

John Wong Beats

The Flood


Black Death V


“John Wong is an artist from Sherbrooke QC, CA. He began make music in 2009 playing Deathcore on guitar.
He started to make trap beats in 2016 with fl studio and quickly learned how to handle the tool. Many collaborations with some artists from everywhere are in progress.”

The Classicmakers

Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer (1985– present)
The Classicmakers Occupation: Mu…sic Producers, Songwriters, Rappers Birth Date Jan 23,1985(age 30)Place of Birth Cincinnati,Ohio Full Name:Robert L Downs Jr and Roscoe Downs Zodiac Sign Aquarius

American producers,songwriters The Classicmakers were born in Cincinnati,Ohio, on Jan,23 1985, the twin brothers attended high school in the United States.The group has released several albums that combine there mid-west-style beats, and also collaborated with many other musicians, including Tayson, Varquis, Big Jim(III Frum Tha Soul).

Rappers, songwriters and producers The Classicmakers were born as Robert L Downs Jr and Roscoe Downs twin brothers in Cincinnati,Oh on Jan 23, 1985, The Classicmakers mother, Kimberly Downs, is a lovely cook; and father, Robert L Downs Sr, a author. Thanks to their hard work, business savvy, and creaive skills, The Classicmakers has been in love music since the early age of 5 and learned to create a brand in the music business.
After growing up in Cincinnati,Ohio, The Classicmakers began rapping and performing as a teenager and producing local talent all over the midwest. Robert L Downs Jr(King Shizz) attended Urbana University in Ohio and Kentucky State University in Kentucky and Roscoe Downs(Scoe Relli) attended ITT Tech in Ohio for business management in Ohio,Instead, the producer duo turned all of there focus and attention to the music business, making home recordings and becoming friends with diffrent recording artist and producers such as Marqo Mazii,Tayson,Big Jim, Young Ex,Ryze,OE Bangerz,Hip Hop Period,American Scheme,Shawd and many more. In 2003, the duo started there own indie label called 0185 Music Group.

The Classicmakers also has a group called Dem Down Boyz which debut album, Welcome To Downville, was released in 2009. The album paired The Classicmakers melodic, smooth cachy hooks and creative beats and also produced several hit singles, including “Bubble Butt” and “Candy Paint.” .
The Classicmakers has also produced records for musicians in a wide range of genres, including Marqo Mazii, American Scheme,Tayson just to name a few. The latest songs the group produced are also with Marqo Mazii on his single “End Of The Night,”.The group also produced several records for artist Tayson and hit songs “Street Life,” “Water” and in addition to producing records for a number of other independent artists.

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Darius “DeeMoney” Lassiter is a 22-year old music producer from Raleigh, NC. Throughout the course of his early career, DeeMoney has produced for many mainstream Hip-Hop/Rap artists, such as Chief Keef, Gucci Mane, Kevin Gates, Lil’ Boosie, Migos, Rich Homie Quan, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka, YG, Yo Gotti, and more. On November 11th, 2015, DeeMoney was awarded 1x Platinum success for producing hit single “Do The John Wall” by Hip-Hop Trio “Troop 41” which was originally released by Kairizmic Music in 2010, but later published by Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc. Since then, DeeMoney has been busy working to have a long-lasting and sustainable career with longevity in the music business. Today, he has established, developed, and improved his brand, and is now revamped. Some of his latest produced works were licensed and synchronized in television drama series “Empire” on Fox.

Watch out for DeeMoney as he aspires to be one of the best music producers of this generation.

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130Muzik is a Ohio based Production team that consist of four members Silly Tha Producer, Jerelicewater, Era Tha Kidd, Javon Harris.

This tastefully unconventional hip-hop jam “Realistic” from Era The Kidd layers a hard-hitting beat and belligerent lyrics into an expertly articulated hip-hop jewel produced by Silly Tha Producer.


Bass Gods is a band and music production team of 6 members (Bruh Bruh, DTripp Beats, Hunna Season, Kerosine, KP, and Randsom Beats).

Bass Gods producers Bruh Bruh (@ItsDaBruhMan) and Randsom Beats (@RandsomBeats) experiment with their diversity and versatility as they synchronize on a transitioning dance, electronic single titled “TransGenre”. “TransGenre” was published and released by Bass Gods Records on June 6th, 2016 and is available now in online stores and on subscribed streaming services.

Get “TransGenre” at the link below:

DtrippBeats & Randsom Beats Synchronize With Pro Skater/New York HipHop Recording Artist GK Fetty On His Newest Release called “Dreams”.


See our Brands page at the Bass Gods Inc. website link here: http://BassGods.Co/Brands to learn more about our parent brand, corporation, and its subsidiaries.


Be Chap Beats

My name is Brandon Chapa( Be Chap Beats) (Be Chap), I’m 26 years old and I go by “Be Chap”. I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in The Recording Arts from Full Sail University.

I’ve been listening to music since I was a toddler. The first tune I ever remember hearing is Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” as I was getting my hair cut at a Cartoon Cuts. I was only 3 years old but remember the piano in the song and I still do.
I was in the 6th Grade when I started taking Guitar lessons. From the first day on, music became my passion. By the time I was 16, I was already making beats. My first experience making beats, I downloaded a free trial of Fruity Loops and started producing music on the computer… That was an awesome experience and moment in my life.

I made a few beats at that time, but never followed through or tried to get a placement. Ever since, I’ve always continued to make an effort to expand my music knowledge and the various different types of music in the world.

One habit of mine was to always try to listen to new bands or a new artist who was affiliated with a bigger artist, mostly ones I never heard of. I stopped making beats for a while and just had fun with life, friends and school. I graduated from high school and shortly thereafter heard about Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL (Orlando area). I read about its curriculum and how one of its Degrees was on Music and The Recording Arts. I visited the campus and I was sold on the spot. The school had $250 Million worth of recording and video equipment on campus… it was jaw dropping!! The University had classes on subjects which I never envisioned such as an EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Mixing and Mastering, etc. A very satisfying achievement was receiving a Pro Tools Certification while at Full Sail.

After graduating, I finally landed an internship, a paying one at that, in Symerna Beach, FL. It was an up and coming recording studio on Cocoa Beach, but didn’t have a lot of business. Although the studio wasn’t very busy, I was very fortunate the Studio Owner allowed me to be the Assistant Engineer for Two Full Sessions. Additionally, I had the privilege of Mixing and Mastering both sessions as well. My internship was very valuable and gave me a real feel and jump started my experiences in the industry. My internship ended and shortly thereafter, I decided to get serious about making beats and go into business for myself. So here I am, making beats for a living. Ever since I made the decision to go for it, I haven’t stopped or looked back. Not only do I love making beats, I love Mixing and Mastering.

The gratifying pleasure of making music sound really good is one of the greatest feelings I’ve ever experienced and will hope to experience the feeling for the rest of my life.



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