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Pflames feat Damien – Afterparty

Pflames is anything but your typical Omaha, NE Hip-Hop performer/producer. He not only possesses the charisma and microphone prowess one would expect of a performer, the creative genius expected of a songwriter, but also a refreshing sound and unique vision of the future of the Hip-Hop genre as a whole. Being the oldest seed of two musical parents Pflames began his musical journey while nearly still in utero. Before he could even speak a word he would toddle around carrying his favorite vinyl’s and even began his first music group at a mere 5 years old with the neighbor kids with whom he would write his own songs and put on ”concerts” even at such a young age. It was 1984 when he saw Purple Rain on the big screen that Prince became his music idol and he naturally gravitated towards playing the guitar. Ten years later over the summer of 1994 he migrated to drums, bass and keys. Mainly an R&B artist in his early years, in 1999 he laid his first hip hop demo while producing beats for another local artist. Since then he has wrote and produced numerous tracks with his latest CD release of “The F Word” in 2010. No stranger to the stage lights Pflames has opened shows for Nutt Da Kidd in Salina, KS, Coo Coo Cal in Kansas City, MO, and Digital Underground in Omaha, NE as well as performing numerous shows across eight cities in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota. Two of his latest songs, “Addictions” and “If U Go” featuring JRock, off his most recent album “The F Word” have had regular airplay on Omaha, NE’s popular hip hop and R&B station KOPW Power 106.9 FM’s “Sunday Night Raw” segment with Houston Alexander. On the production side, Pflames has produced numerous tracks for four Indie artists in Omaha, NE, Las Vegas, NV, Kansas City, MO and Seattle, Wa For more information on Pflames please contact: Justin Powell 402-541-2153

“From the hip hop capital of the mid-mid-west, Omaha, this emerging artist is rising with style and humor. In “Can’t Get Right,” he pokes at the use of auto tuners and then rocks it hard. His beats are moderate and original but not what makes him shine. Give a listen and you’ll understand what’s separating him from the pack in Nebraska and what is moving him into the national spotlight.” – Cody Elder, .