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China Man Ft. Daraynged -“Bang Bang Boogie”

Chinaman is a rapper born in omaha, Nebraska but his mother moved his family to east Atlanta when he was 3 for more opportunity, growing up in Atlanta’s notorious zone 6 attending cedar grove high school. Naturally he became a fan of Gucci mane and was inspired by local producer ill jay of crime mob and champ deezy to pick up the keyboard but to also be an artist.

IG: Mr_hustle101/Its Daraynged!!
FB: Gerrel Townsend/Daraynged Beatz
TWITTER: @riverrdchina/DarayngedBeatz



Ricky Brixx is a florida based upcoming star who started doing music at the age of 3 and had since performed all over the world. In 2014 Ricky Brixx started Kush Blowin Movement LLC. and went on to doing songs with big name artist like project pat and more.In 2016 Ricky Brixx had his first viral video on worldstarhiphop.com called Sauce which did over 1,000,000 views in its first day.in 2017 Ricky Brixx released 5 mixtapes on Datpiff.com in 5 days look out for new projects coming this year from this multi talented Artist/Producer

Facebook, IG & Twitter @Rickybrixx

Too Tall X Diemention – That Ma Bro

Diemention a.k.a DM started his career in montreal. East coast 2007. Recording his debut album gangsta’s SOUTHSIDE. Began doing small venues in shows around the city Center when finally in 2011 he joined RockCivilz group and they toured Québec. Doing 36 shows in a year around the province. Releasing major single _ b.o.u.n.c.e with rockcivilz which peaked at 950 000 views on youtube. Diemention was the official songwritter for the group as well as one of the vocalists. The group was then signed to miamilicious in Miami in 2013.  Releasing couple of single here and there before falling out leading diemention to pursue his career on the westcoast and meet new allies Too Tall and N- essy productions with which theh founded bandzcity inc. A fresh new wave coming from vancouver and ready to takeover the northwest scene

IG: https://www.instagram.com/diemention/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/diemention

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/diemention1/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/diemention

Email: DiementionRockCivilz@gmail.com

Young Chitown – “Nobody knows”

I just wanna introduce myself for a minute here. They call me Young Chitown. I’m 28 Years old right now, raised in the streets of Chicago. I’m not gonna have some fancy biography about me prepared by some professional.So imma just keep it real wit y’all.

I been rapping now for about 12 years start taken it for real in 2011. I’ve always had a love for music,especially hip-hop, rap, r&b, soul, rock, blues & jazz Music has always been something for me to get into when going through life.

I listened to lyrics and always wondered how someone could say something on a microphone and have so many people relate to it. So i finally started recording my own songs off of other peoples beats. A mix tape type thing i used to do on my own.i started up my on entertainment company Trunk Music USA Ent in 2011 it started off with a few artist but i had to let them go because of not understand the bisness & grind of this music game now its only me & my brother & i like it this way it give me time to do alote for myself and brother brand.

I stay to my lyrics, and that what makes me different from these other rappers in the game. The ones who make real music that people can relate to stay in the industry and can actually have a place in history.

I show love to everyone who shows love to me. I know everyone and they mama rapping nowadays, but most people doing it for the wrong reasons. I make good music from what i think and what people have to me. Just remember the name…Young Chitown.

Twitter: @iamyoungchitown

Instagram: Youngchitown

FlatoutCoolz- TALK THAT TALK

When we think of the essence of Hip Hop music we are forced to think of it’s origins, it’s humble beginnings from the voices of the inner-city streets. Fans of the culture are fascinated by the rise of an underdog much like the classic film ROCKY depicts a fighter’s desire to be great, rapper Flatout Coolz also has that fire in his eyes. Born in Philadelphia and raised in the DMV area, Flatout Coolz represents the people who are striving to make it out the Struggle

Instagram & Twitter @Flatoutcoolz

Snapchat: Coolz25


Bugatti Bonsu Feat. Makida Rae – Let Us Ride

This is the latest single off Bugatti’s debut EP titled “No Fear” Out Now on all music platforms such as ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and more.




Stay Connected! Follow Bugatti Bonsu Online:
Website: http://www.bugattibonsu.com/
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One Trigga – Take Me Around the World

I feel this song is going to do just that! “Take Me Around the World.” The way I create music, is based on a feeling. I believe there should always be motive behind every word spoken out of your mouth. Its either based on what you’ve seen, what you’re going through or just a past experience. Everything in our past is a preparation for our future and GOD wastes nothing. Even when you’re set back, GOD has all ready prepared your come back. So the guy who works all things together for the good will leverage every experience, even skill, every mistake, every bit of knowledge we’ve learned. Our destiny pre-dates us. Before you were conceived GOD had a script for our life and he’s in the process of fulfilling that today and music has always been my escape route and Take Me Around the World happened to be created around the time I felt trapped the most and this is what you got from it.